The Governor of Jubek has said “special units” tasked with conducting night patrols at residential areas in Juba have been established.

Augustino Jadalla said this is in response to complaints raised recently by some Juba residents recently.

The residents say they are being robbed at gunpoint by men in security uniforms, an allegation the minister of defense confirmed last month.

“We have started in Kator, Altabara and Malakia and we are succeeding,” Mr Jadalla said, “the same will be established in Gudele and we will also be working in Munuki and Rock City. The force is a small, coherent and controllable force.”

Last Friday, seven members of the Joint Force were arrested in connection with the killing of a two-year old baby and a man in Gudele.

And earlier, defense minister Kuol Manyang told Eye Radio that they were holding “weak-hearted” members of organized forces overnight crimes.

He said they include members of the national security, police, SPLA and Presidential Guards.

Last week, civil society organization the Community Empowerment for Progress Organization (CEPO), called for establishment of more police stations at residential areas to improve security in Juba.

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