Jubek state in collaboration with UNESCO has initiated a literacy class for school dropout girls, according to the Minister of Gender, Child and Social Welfare.

Rose Lisok Paulino said the plan is to allow continuity of learning for girls whose parents can no longer afford to pay their tuition fees.

She told Eye Radio that due to the economic crisis, some families have brought back their children from the neighboring countries.

“There are a lot of children at home who aren’t able to go for the schools because their parents can’t afford,” she said.

Ms Lisok blamed the increased drop out among girls on the ongoing violence in the country.

“The war has also made girls to drop out. This coupled with the problem of not having enough schools, not having enough teachers; now the economic crisis has made the situation for girls to drop out.”

Ms Lisok did not mention how many girls will benefit from the project, but is encouraging those who drop out including women to enroll in the class.

via Eye Radio