The river transport between the capital city Juba and the Upper Nile region has resumed.

Deng Dau, who is the deputy minister of foreign affairs, told foreign diplomats while announcing the 1.4 million US dollar cash deposit for implementation of the peace agreement in Juba yesterday.

“The river transport has resumed, making it possible for the movement of goods and services from Juba to Malakal and Renk. This is very crucial in our view,” he said.

The river route had been inaccessible since 2013 as a result of the conflict which ended last year with the signing of the September peace deal.

According to Dau, the reopening is in line with the security arrangements deal signed by the peace parties in the Sudanese Capital, Khartoum.

We really want to congratulate the parties to the agreement by allowing goods to pass through the points of the river  from Adok, Chambi, Magalla, Bor  to Malakal, and Renk.”

Mr Dau said reopening will also reduce the cost of using air transport especially by the humanitarian agencies.

via ER