Typhoid is a waterborne disease caused by eating contaminated food and not observing proper hygiene. 

Certain remedies have proven to be effective when it comes to counteracting the disease.

Here are the remedies for people suffering from typhoid

1. Increase fluid intake

Typhoid makes you lose water through diarrhoea. To prevent further dehydration, you need to stay hydrated by having more water. Water is needed to eliminate waste materials and toxins from the body cells. Don’t confine yourself to water, there are other fluids like coconut water, soups and fruit juices to drink. 

2. Take ORS

 ORS is a special type of drug that gives quick relief when suffering from typhoid. The drug helps in recovering lost water in the body and kills the Salmonella typhi bacterium that causes typhoid. When buying the drug, ensure it has the WHO label on it. 

They are sold in most chemists and some outlets. You can as well make your own ORS at home by mixing sugar and salt in a litre of boiled water. 

3. Have apple cider vinegar

It is known for maintaining a proper pH in the body. It eases the symptoms caused by typhoid like high fever by reducing body temperature. It may also replace the lost minerals during diarrhoea. Always drink it before meals.