Police are looking for two female rapists who allegedly raped a man near Gumbo Spring Water Company in Juba after drugging him.

The two women believed to be aged between 24 and 29, drives a deep blue RAV4 car with CE registration  number. They persuaded  the man into getting into the car before drugging and raping him.

They had asked the man for direction and then asked ’em to hop into the car after which the man woke up banged at guest house in Konyokonyo .

“30-year-old man willingly directed them. He showed them the direction to Konyokonyo market, they deceptively asked the man to accompany them until they reached Konyokonyo trading center and offered to give him boda boda fare to bring him back to his house on Gumbo-Rajaf road where they had picked him. While driving the man was given whiskey, which he unsuspiciously ran down his throat. He subsequently passed out after drinking and the moment he woke up he found himself on a bed naked at a guest house in Konyokonyo”, police officer told the press.

Police appealed to the public to assist in identifying the women.


(Additional Info via Juba Monitor)