Juba Anytime prostitution in Juba is mentioned to any Junubi who has been to Juba, one of the things that will start crisscrossing in his or her mind will be “S ex dens in Juba”.

Juba has got a number of things which make it an epicentre for prostitution, which includes s ex starving soldiers, NGOs workers with the Benjamins, and the fact that it’s capital city. For this reason, many places have become prostitution dens.

On prostitution, a number of hoods in Juba are notorious for this illegal business.

Some of these estates include:

1. Sherikat

Sherikat Market For starters, another known name for Sherikat is “Hai Condom”, a clear indication that there are many vices happening in this makeshift hood few steps from River Nile. The market has got a number factors which facilitate the quick growth of prostitution, which include many truck drivers getting into the town, affordable lifestyle as well as its second name, Hai Condom which attracts soldiers who camp nearby at the River Nile’s bank.

2. Casablanca Lounge

If you take a night walk in Nimra Talata, paying attention to the number of ladies standing along the road with make you question yourself, WTF is going on here. For your info’ those girls are not night watchladies buy rather they are selling off them cookies. These girls will do anything for a lil’ as SSP 1k.

3. The Nest

Like most clubs in Juba, Nest is a definite place flocked by girls selling cookies and even for few drinks, some of these girls they will be down for the bedroom marathon. The girls here always get to Nest in groups and it not hard to notice them from how they carry themselves.

4. Jebel Market

In Jebel Market, There are a number of brothels in Jebel that are thriving hubs for sex business. They are girls here are mainly Congolese and Ugandans. These brothels are favorite war-tired horny SPLA. soldiers.