The lines have existed since time immemorial but remained largely unwritten. However, finally, thanks to HIJ, we know the tricks men use to get women to bed.

Here is the list:

When he wants you to put on a looser outfit for easier “access”.
Sitian taki deh is holding u so tight. Lemmi gives u a t-shirt to sleep with.

When he wants to “fast track”.

Come sit on the bed. Kurisi dak taban


Mtakit enta beligo mwasalatt??

The “f*ckboy” that cares about your safety.

Hela deh is risky when walking at night  ..u will go early in the morning

The “f*ckboy” that cares about your health.

Will be comfortable sleeping in Jeans really?

This chaste “f*ckboy”.

“A lot of time I have slept with a girl but I didn’t do anything”

Ladies, u can add the “f*ckboys proverbs” you know