Former radio presenter Sly Angelo has lashed out at Radio Miraya Presenter Sebit William after he claimed nobody deserves to called a celebrity in South Sudan showbiz and entertainment industry.

Sly who worked as a radio presenter in his native Twic State in 2010 and business reporter at Business Focus called Sebit a “puppet of the foreign aid money” who is used and ordered around by whitemen as they want.

Sebit William in a long Facebook post this week had argued that South Sudan’s entertainment industry lacks those who should be called celebrities. He went ahead to define word “celebrity” to support his argument.

His statement has elicited mixed reactions among South Sudanese entertainers, with some agreeing and some rubbishing his claims and calling him a hater.

Sly Angelo argued that musicians deserve respect and support from people because most of their songs carry meaningful messages for peace.

So what do you think? Is Sebit William right or wrong?