Veteran Journalist Mading Ngor Akech and a dozen of youth were arrested yesterday at a Sunday service at Emmanuel Jieng Parish when some youth members allegedly led by him made it to the altar to protest against the recent visit to the church by the first vice president Riek Machar last Sunday.

According to a media source, chaos erupted when church information secretary stepped on to the podium to commence church announcement. One young man also walked to the same podium with a banner bearing on it the photos of late Gen. Kuol Malith reech, late Gen. Ajak Yeh Alier and late Gen. Abraham Jongroor Deng who were killed in action by former rebels led by Riek Machar.

When stopped by the secretary and ushers, a group of people who were believed to be his team, stood up in the middle of the congregation and surges forward. Most of the congregation walked out of the church while others tried their best to calm the situation. Generals and politicians remained seated as one of the bishops struggle to calm the angry crowd.

The church leadership called security immediately and the protesters were forcefully put into the security vehicle.

After the chaos and drama Emmanuel Jieng Parish pastor who was in-charge, Joseph Maker declared his resignation. Bishop Nathaniel Garang Anyieth cried deeply on his closing prayers, asking God to forgive him.

Emmanual Jieng Parish is a predominantly Dinka Bor Episcopal church in Juba’s Hai Cinema neighbourhood

UPDATE: According to a source, the church refused to press charges but the CID head Lt. Gen. Mayom Deng ordered the youth to be charged and held for investigation. However, after the intervention of the Inspector General of the Police, Mading and his team were released yesterday afternoon.

via Talkofjuba