A small deed can be a reason for hope to someone as seen by the recent deed by SSBC journalist Gore Antony.

Gore who is a news anchor at state-owned television took it upon himself to help a sickly woman whose story went viral last week on social media.

Gore first posted about the story urging people online to help the woman.

“I am not writing this sad story to expose Achol Ramadan but to beat the drum for support……I met this beautiful lady sitting alone Tombura Road opposite Syrian House Restaurant at around 9:00 PM night by the names of Achol Ramadan inhabitant of Cueibet in Gok county of Lakes State. We had this open conversation with Achol as she narrated to me how she became a beggar on the streets of Juba just to buy milk for her little one-year-old angel named Nyanakim Sabrina Peter Mounydier that she moves with everywhere she goes and became an attractive source of support and income to Achol and the baby to survive, ” Gore posted on his FB account.

According to Gore, the woman, a native of Gok in Cueibet was married to Monydier Peter.

While pregnant, she discovered that she was HIV positive and that made her husband throw her out of the house. making her homeless.

Her story was widely shared and this prompted Gore to do something in his capacity.

Gore, days later, took the woman to Juba Teaching Hospital and got her life-saving ARVs, and bought her some construction material to construct a shelter for her and her kid. Gore also got her some assorted food items and a mobile phone to help her communicate with family members. Gore appeals to well-wishers to help and donate food, clothing to the woman.