The Communities in Jonglei and Buma states are expected to sign a cessation of hostilities agreement in one week.

The agreement is meant to end months of communal conflicts between the two states.

The communities have been accusing each other of killing, abduction and cattle raiding.

Last week, a committee was formed by the council of Ministers to address the issue.

Early this week, the committee headed by the First Vice President, Taban Deng went to both areas to meet the community to resolve the disputes.

In a communique issued today upon the arrival of the team to Juba, parties to conflict agreed that they will hold a peace dialogue with all the other neighboring communities within 30 days.

They further called for the creation of a buffer zone between the two communities, collection and handing over all the abducted women and children and raided cattle within the next one month.

A member of the committee, Acuil Malith Bangol, read the communique.

“The meeting decided that there would be a formation of a cessation of hostilities committee in the two places. Furthermore agreed that the signing of the document. This document will be signed here in Juba in seven days,” said Bangol.

The members of the committee include Governor of Jonglei, Philip Aguer, Governor of Buma, Ismail Konyi, Minister of Information, Michael Makuei, the Deputy Minister of Labour, David Yau Yau among others.

The committee has returned to Juba today Sunday after five days of touring the two states.

Via Eyeradio