Municipal officials in Bor town of Jonglei State on Tuesday issued a decision banning locally brewed alcohol, which they described as “harmful” to citizens’ health.

David Garang, the director for public health in the municipality said the locally brewed alcoholic drinks are not good for citizens’ health.

“Minors afford to buy because they are cheap and they are not good for the health, many people are dying. We are targeting locally made drinks such as Siko, but local white beers will be regulated,” Garang said.

He added, “Currently, we have records of two people who hanged themselves at the alcohol site. In total, five people including a minor died as a result of the alcohol consumption”.

The municipal official pointed out that crime rates have increased in the town due to the consumption of locally made alcohol. Garang urged Bor residents to respect the new order, saying those found in defiance will be arrested and fined.

Daniel Deng, the acting executive director of the civil society Jonglei Institute for Peace, Democracy and Development welcomed the ban, saying it will reduce the risks associated with alcohol consumption.

He urged the municipality to regulate the sale and consumption of the imported alcohol.