Sensational artist Aguek popularly known by his stage name John Frog has released another song ‘Mang Mang’ barely a month after releasing ‘Achan Tani Mara.’

In the song, Frog hits out at various groups of people among them slay queens, pretenders, snitches, political hoes, messed up solders and trouble makers.

Basically, his new song is about people who are phony. like acting and disturbing the peace.

His prowess in the “Goundo Arabic” language and the rhymes in his songs have him stand out from his peers in the entertainment industry.

Frog enjoys a huge following in South Sudan after his song “Goundo Sakit” went viral in 2018.

He has held various shows in the country, which are always attended by thousands of fans.

Here is the song. Listen and comment below if it’s a hit or miss.