Upcoming artiste John Frog could not hide his excitement after his new song ‘Guondo Sakit’ became the talk of Juba.

Aguek, popularly known Johnny Froggy took to social media to share his joy with fans and encourages fellow musician to up their game in the industry.
The song is trending at number one on most radio & TV stations in Juba.
Goundo Sakit produced by Linus is a ‘Guondo‘ song in which frogs talks about the lifestyle of villages in big cities.

“I am excited about the success of Guondo Sakit song and I appreciates all the Guondos in the country…I also urge all musicians in the industry to get off their lazy butts and stop depending on radio station for their success,” he told HIJ

Goundo Sakit video is currently being shot by Bol Manas & Max Ngong, video directors from studio34