Poor Bangs. All he wanted to do was rap about ladies who like to go to the movies when somehow his song landed in the hands of comedian Jimmy Fallon.

The South Sudanese-born Melbourne rapper, real name Ajak Chol, recorded Take U to Da Movies in 2008 and became an internet sensation when the song was viewed on YouTube more than 400,000 times.

Take U to Da Movies is a romantic track about taking a girl to the movies, paying for her popcorn and drink, and making sure she doesn’t fall down the stairs in the cinema.

On The Tonight Show on Thursday night, Jimmy Fallon included Bangs’ track in his segment “Do Not Play These Songs”, which highlights songs you should avoid.

After playing 1979 disco hit What a Lousy Party by Veronica Unlimited, the comedian played the Footscray rapper’s love song, which he later called “terrible”.

“This next one is by a singer called Bangs… he doesn’t even have any bangs,” Fallon said.

The comedian only managed to play a few seconds of the song before he and his house band The Roots broke down in laughter.

“He’s not joking,” Fallon said. “It’s a real dude. It’s a real person. It’s a man named Bangs.”

Take U to Da Movies’ most impressive feature is the great amount of detail the lyrics go into about picking a girl up and taking her to see a movie.

“Hold the popcorn and the drink, let me pay the money so we can get in,” Bangs sings after dedicating the song to “all the ladies out there that like to go to da movies”. Which is probablyall the ladies, we’d suggest.

“Now hold my hand, and take a step to the door, be careful, don’t fall.”

The official video clip for the single shows Bangs superimposed onto a rainforest, a New York City skyline and stacks of Australian banknotes.

The rapper, who also goes by the name of Your Boy Banks and YBB, found international fame following the track and was interviewed on Eminem’s radio station in 2009.

He was also invited to play at the Big Day Out music festival and recorded a television commercial for Honda.

Other notable tracks from Bangs include Meet Me on Facebook, a single about trying to add a good-looking girl on the social media website.

Proving that he’s a good sport, the rapper shared the Fallon video with his 22,000 Facebook fans on Friday morning, writing “Still got love 4 u [sic] The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon”.

“I know Jimmy Fallon making fun of me, but hey I got the attention tho [sic]”, he said on Twitter.

The Tonight Show appearance may even see Bangs become an international sensation once again, with comments on the official YouTube video praising Bangs for finally ‘making it’, and calling him a rapper which put the late Tupac Shakur to shame.

Bangs, let us take you to the movies. We’ll even pay the money.

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