Lack of fuel at petrol stations in Juba has caused the black market fuel dealers to hike the fuel prices.

The 600ml petrol is this morning sold at Ssp 600 by the road side fuel dealers. A 20-litres jerry-can of fuel goes for Ssp 7000 this morning in the black market. The official price for 20 litres according to the country’s oil firm Nilepet is Ssp 440. Commuters of many Juba city suburbs have been walking work as there were no means of transport available. The common public transport buses have been packed due to lack of fuel.

“This problem of fuel is becoming unbearable for us, imagine moving around Juba now requires you to have atleast SSP2,000,” said a stranded commuter in Juba.

The public has accused people at Nilepet of being behind the selling of fuel in the black market, an accusation they are yet to respond to.