Comedian Maduool who was the MC of a fashion show organised by Juba controversial socialite Jamila Adaw last weekend has admitted that the show was really a MESS!

According to many attendees who spoke to HIJ, the show was poorly organised and the revellers couldn’t enjoy the value of their money. The annual show dubbed Jamila Fashion Trends was allegedly the ‘worst’ show ever organised in Juba, as one attendee puts it.

The sound system reportedly failed numerous times leaving the audience confused of what is going on as the hall remained in a quiet mode for more than 5hours. Also some of the revellers who paid VIP tickets were allegedly given seats outside VIP section as VIP seats were all occupied by tens of Juba celebrities.

The MC for night, comedian Maduool in a social media post this week distant himself from the mess and put the blame on Jamila, management of Nest Cafe and unnamed guy who he said ‘attempted coup’ to take over as MC.

The famed comedian had this to say:

Let me make this clear! Enough of the BLAME on my ASS Niggas! Am pretty sure you may have know the role of a host is! AM NOT PART OF THE ORGANIZING COMMITTEE PLEASE! I was supposed to be the host.

However, there was a coup attempt which succeed and someone technically became the Host and I was kicked to the bush and became a rebel for unknown reasons. Jamila tried, but at the end, let down by the Nest Cafe sound system technicians for the poor sound system which took 5hours to be fixed. I hope next time it gonna be better.

On behave of Maduoooooool Comedy, accept my sincere apology if I may have disappoint you, which I know I haven’t! God bless Jamila Fashion Show 2017. And, sorry for the people who had V.I.P. tickets but got the V.I.P. seats occupied by some great and most talented Juba celebrities who might have entered for free.

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