Former HIJ informant and her gang of bribed police officers finally caught up with the popular online journalist and founder of Mariak Bol Majok Adiang in Juba last evening.

Mariak was cornered at a celebrity charity football event dubbed “kick the ball and send a girl to school” at Nyakuron according to sources. He was then driven to a police station in the city centre where he is expected to be held in a filthy police custody on Adaw’s orders over the weekend.

Adaw suspects that Mariak is the one who masquerades as HIJ’s John Masura. The one hit wonder says John Masura has defamed her in social media posts, a charge which John denied.

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Mariak who just returned from a journalism mentoring workshop in Egypt has in the past distant himself from John Masura and Hot in Juba. In a lengthy Facebook post last month, the journalist denied accusations labeled against him by the lousy singer.

Hot in Juba has also published a statement from the team’s head last month. In the statement, the online news outlet said it has never defamed Adaw in anyway or having connection to Facebook pages and profiles posting about her.

Please Note:

We at Hot in Juba demand for the release of the innocent journalist being accused falsely by Adaw. We are going to initiate a campaign with hashtag #FreeMariakBol to call for unconditional release of Mariak. Please share this article with #FreeMariakBol on social media.