Dancehall artist Jack Pro says the recently born MT7’s baby is actually his biological child. The musician told us that he has had an affair with the girl who gave birth to the baby and she was pregnant before they broke up.

He told HIJ that even the girl herself knows he’s the father but MT7 is also claiming the baby belongs to him.

“The current girlfriend of MT7 was my girl before, in December I impregnated her and left for my work in Upper Nile. So Mt7 is saying the baby is his, it’s really hurting me,” he told HIJ.

“And recently the girl called me told me that the kid is mind,” he added.

“She gave birth in August and that means the baby is mind, but if she had given birth in September, the baby would be for MT7,” said Jack Pro who is currently working in Upper Nile.

MT7 and the girl in question whose identity is withheld are yet to respond to Jack Pro’s claims.