After the hard work and the hustle in Juba, you need a serene environment to cool off and Royal Palace Hotel is the place to be.

Come enjoy at Exchange and Aqua Bar Inside the Hotel with all drinks going for reduced prices.This is the only chilling spot where you are served like a king.

Located in Konyokonyo River Side, Royal Palace Hotel is the talk of the town.It’s a nice spot to take your cold beer or your favourite brand of drink with great music in the background.

It’s the perfect chilling spot with friends and have a good time.

As you relax and sip your favourite drink, always remember “Drinking is not bad , The problem is drunkards”, a wise man once whispered to me. In the spirit of encouraging responsible alcohol indulgence in Royal palace Hotel, here are the four cardinal drinking rules according to an even wiser lady::

Eat before you drink

This should be common sense, too bad sense is not too common.

Ensure that you have had an adequate meal before hitting the bottle. Effects of drinking on an empty stomach may include vomiting, blackouts, and development of stomach ulcers but don’t worry about coming to Royal Hotel on an empty stomach because The hotel has a restaurant which serves great food.

Do not mix drinks

Drinking liquor is bad enough. Drinking different beer brands in one sitting is disastrous.

Pick a struggle. If you are going to do beer, stick with it. Mixing alcohol is the same as wearing different colored shoes- you will look like a freak.

Hydrate frequently

Hangover, the double-headed dragon that rears its ugly heads the morning after a night out.

You can avoid all the torment and torture by drinking water. How much water? One would ask. Lucky for you, the aforementioned wise lady suggested a schedule; after two double shots, take a glass of water. If it is beer, take water after two bottles.


What goes in must come out. Your body is not meant to have alcohol. So if you are going to ingest it, ensure it’s excreted.

If you adhere by step 3 above, then this should be a walk in the park- Mother Nature will come calling.

Too many rules? You can write them down and carry the note the next time you plan to chill out at Royal palace Hotel.