Over twenty South Sudanese youth are expected to benefit this year from an Israeli government scholarship program in the field of agriculture.

The President of South Sudan Youth Union, Dr. Albino Bol says the opportunity will be given to students studying agriculture in various universities.

He said the students will be selected from the three greater regions of Upper Nile, Equatoria and Bahr El-Ghazal.

Dr. Albino said that an interview process to select the candidates will begin next month.

“This came through the Office of the President as part of a program of capacity building for the young people of South Sudan,” Albino said.

Dr. Albino also says twenty students will be taught how to utilize the latest technology in the field of agriculture.

“All the candidates are going to be interviewed by the Israel embassy. Twenty and study for one year,” he added.

Israel is a major exporter of fresh produce and a world-leader in agricultural technologies despite its unfavourable geographical and weather conditions.

Source: Eyeradio