The Israeli government through its ambassador to South Sudan Hanan Goder yesterday donated foodstuff to 100 households in Jebel Dinka and Lemon Gaba Block 4 of Juba suburbs.
Ambassador Goder expressed his government’s readiness to help the people of South Sudan and also he appreciated the local people for helping each other.
“I am very happy to be here at Lemon Gaba residential area and excited to see how the people here are able to talk and help each other. This is the spirit we all need,” Goder said.
Each family was given 50kilograms of maize flour, 25kilograms of rice, 25kilograms of Adez, 2 jerrycans of five litres of cooking oil and chicken soup powder.
Asunta an expectant mother who is a resident of Jebel Dinka said, it was her first time to be given food assistance though much food has been donated in the area.
“I really appreciate the Israeli government for their kindly support,” Asunta said. “It is my first time to receive aid from anyone and I really appreciate it,” she added.
Asunta said the food ratio will help them for at least nine months without a worry of what to cook for the family.
Another excited woman Mary Kiden Asmal a resident of Lemon Gaba said it is unaffordable to buy all the food items she received.
“Where would I have got the money to buy all these food items,” she said. “May God bless Ambassador Goder,” Kiden said.
Most South Sudanese continue to face hunger because of the skyrocketing prices in the Market. Several families in urban areas cannot afford to have two meals in a day.

Juba Monitor