Damn! we gotta give it up to this nigga – Kdenk moniker Kdizzzo, aka Wang Boy, aka some other many nicknames. The nigga just dropped a new sizzling-hot music video which has the standards & qualities of it being played on BET, MTV and many other international music TV stations.

It seems Kdenk who sprouted to fame after he was evicted from Tucker Project Fame, a reality music show has made use of his kawaja fiance who seems to be the one financing his music career and by the look of things it’s paying off. btw the fiance recently took Kdenk to The USA to meet the in-laws and sh*t, so expect wedding bells anytime soon if Kdenk doesn’t change his mind and ‘wele’ the Kawaja.

The music video shot in undisclosed, probably South Africa or Uganda is taking over the charts in Uganda, where Kdizzzo is currently camping with his loaded mzungu lover.

Kdenk whose real name is Koang Deng Kun Kong, has crossed lanes from when he was a dusty-legged rapper who could beg for a chance to perform at events in Juba to this clean-cut and sleek rapper who is touring the world and making videos worth thousands of dollars. Something many musicians in the country are struggling with.

Anyway enough of the chitchat. Here is the video and tell me in the comments section if this isn’t the hottest video this year so far by a South Sudanese Artists.