The rate at which female artists are dating media personalities in the cover point of promoting their songs is quite alarming in Juba.

HIJ has learnt that, this ‘bafura’ man Baby Boy aka Hassan the handsome Craig David of all presenters in town who sits in the corridors of 89.0 Capital FM has hooked himself singer Rebecca Trey who was once a girlfriend to Keni Deezy, some horrific Dancehall specialist with awesome talent.

Baby Boy

Baby Boy once got slapped by his ex Scarlet also a presenter in the Rocks, when Hassan accidentally amidst his dreams at 2am screamed Rebecca’s name, as if they were making love to each other which.

The scream prompted Scarlet to swiftly deliver a very hot alarming slap on his wicked face. Was it not of the neighbors intervention, Scarlet would have permanently painted his face with wrinkles juggle like a wounded prey.

Baby Boy is often seen rumbling without patience to be the first to comment whenever Rebecca posts her provocative pictures on her Facebook wall. It is said this ‘bafura’ man is ready to hang himself with a toilet tissue, if Trey tries to call it a quit.

Rebecca Trey is currently doing her studies in Uganda pursuing a course in Human Resource Management at Makerere Institute for Social Development in Kampala, Uganda.