The ongoing fact-finding investigation at South Sudan Ministry of Health has discovered that Dr. Kediende Chong, the Director of International Health, is behind all the messes at the Ministry just after misleading the minister to make uninformed decisions.

Kediende is now in a nightmare dilemma after failing to succeed in removing his Boss, the Undersecretary.

“Yes, he is the one who always misleads Hon: Elizabeth Achuei for ill intentions. Just a matter of facts, he has collided with Achuei and SPLM-IO team so that they fight off Dr. Victoria Anib and other SPLM nominees within the Ministry for self-interest and selfish reasons,” a source within the Minister’s Office said after Achuei walked off Mr. Tut Gatluak’s reconciliation meeting on Sunday.

“They embarked on a war against Undersecretary after their return from the US. This is because the Undersecretary was directed by the Vice President to assign the Directors and manage the crisis at the Juba Teaching Hospital when the Minister was away,” he added.

Multiple sources from the Health Ministry have continued to blame the Minister for the ongoing wrangle in the Ministry.

This concerned President Salva Kiir last week to direct Mr. Tut Gatluak, the Security Advisor to quell the crisis at the Ministry of Health, after Achuei interchanged wrangle papers with Vice President previously on the Undersecretary’s issue.

When contacted for comments, Dr. Kediende Chong, said he was not supposed to talk to the media on phone.
“If you want me for an interview then come to the Office, why are you talking to me on phone? He questioned. Where you sent? He asked. I don’t talk on the phone,” he warned.

“But for your information on the interview come with the evidence to prove your allegations. These are unfounded allegations,” said Kediende as he hung up the call.

Further attempts to reach him were not successful as he immediately switched off the phones.

When Dr. Victoria was appointed in 2020, Dr. Kediende and his crew went against her for four days to protest the appointment, saying that she was a junior doctor to be the Undersecretary.

But President Salva never listened to the wild rumors from the streets as Dr. Kediende mobilized a barge of doctors to turn against their Boss.

Related incidences
In 2017, Dr. Kediende beat Mr. Adwok, the former Director-General for Administration and Finance for allegedly refusing to give him money for his own use during Dr. Riek Gai’s tenure of Office.
This earned him a transfer to Kiir Mayardit Hospital in Rumbek, besides other malpractices allegations but instead defied the order with the help of some corrupt officials within the Ministry of Health.

It is not clear now whether Mr. Kediende wants to be appointed the Undersecretary or what.

Up today, the saga at the Health Ministry is still ongoing as the Minister is allegedly not listening to the Presidential Security Advisor who was assigned to resolve the situation.