What happens when four gorgeous South Sudanese women gather to eat breakfast dressed monochromatically in white and are photographed? It creates a stir on social media and drives netizens crazy.

These photos of four stunning South Sudanese beauties have driven netizens nuts. The photos shot by creative director and photographer, Isaac West who is into uplifting women of color has caught the attention of major media outlets.

West shot the photographs in Minneapolis, where he lives now, and recruited South Sudanese women who live in the area to sit for the shoot. He chose to dress them in all-white outfits to provide the most contrast against the models’ gorgeous skin.

West and the models got together at 11 in the morning to take the pictures and didn’t pretend to have breakfast — they actually had breakfast. “I wanted them eating together, to show their oneness and their sisterhood and that there’s no division, only friendship, and love.” He calls it the “simple love of togetherness.”

West has in the past worked with South Sudanese model like Nyakim Gatwech, Deng, Nyajima Lok among others.