The Minister of Interior says the standoff between security personnel and inmates at the National Security Services Headquarters in Juba has been peacefully resolved.

According to Michael Chienjiek, the inmates agreed to return to their cell after the intervention of community elders, including senior government officials.

The Minister told the State Television, SSBC, this afternoon that the parents of Captain Kerbino Wol, managed to persuade their son to surrender the arms to the authorities.

According to reports, efforts to end the matter through peaceful means was mediated by veteran politician, George Kongor, among other prominent leaders.

Earlier, Capt. Keribino who has been in prison at the National Security since April reportedly disarmed a prison guard, and set free some of the inmates at the Blue House.

In an interview with the media, Keribino said he and his colleagues have been in detention for long without charges, and without being taken to court.

He said they were protesting “illegal detention and disappearance of some of the inmates.”

A statement by the NSS Internal Security Bureau, however, noted that Capt. Keribino Wol has been on “administrative detention, pending a court martial.”

There has been no reports of clashes since the standoff started this morning.

It took the authorities over 8 hours to resolve the matter.

It is not clear what has been agreed to address the grievances of the inmates.

Via Eye Radio