Remember this guy, Duduson of the “Amulu Gwam Gwam” hit song? The singer says he has been duped by insurance company UAP after doing an advertising billboard. He was allegedly never got paid.

The singer was overheard telling close pals how these guys are just using his image without paying him any penny. According to sources close to Dudusons, “he was contacted by an advertising agency that was acting on behalf of UAP. They had a gentle discussion and he was asked to go for a photo shoot for the billboard model, which he willingly did and only to be told months later by the agency that he was not considered”.

Its now more than a year ago, when his photos were later on used and close friends of the then advertising agency guru only identified as Chris claim the contract between him and UAP is over and UAP acted without contacting him.

UAP is a Kenyan owned insurance company with branches all over East Africa.

Too bad for our South Sudan’s models, is it a case of constant exploitation with the big corporate or what is it?