Bright Stars and their fans have shown a big sense of sportsmanship and maturity in regards to yesterday’s game against the Ugandan Cranes. Their performance and how their fans reacted to the draw have proven to the world that South Sudanese are not as violent and destructive as termed by many people worldwide.

On the other hand Ugandans couldn’t take the goalless draw and resorted to destroying their wing of the stadium. Many Ugandans who showed up to watch the two giants lock horns were enraged after South Sudanese’s stopper, Khamis Daniel saved a penalty on the 53rd minutes of the game.

The Ugandans destroyed almost all the stadium seats that were on their wing. Although the security tried to save the stadium from getting ruined by the neighbors, the Ugandans were too many to stop giving the Security no option but to watch them in disbelief.

For sure people grow but not everyone matures. Ugandans have proven beyond doubts that they are destructive people who have long way to adjust their behaviors. They didn’t realize that sport or soccer to be specific is a non-violent competition. It is good to have a winner’s mind but accepting the results after you poorly performed is what makes  you a mature sportsman.

Only kids fight when they don’t get the results they expect. You can be upset for the results but you better not act silly in the eyes of the public. What the Ugandan did is sincerely stupid and dumb. They just forgot it’s not the end of the road as the second leg will be played in their country on the 22nd of July.

Feast your eyes on the photos below.

via Juba Eye