(Photo Credit:The Niles)

At least 8 people have died in Hai Mauna and four blinded after drinking a new brand of illicit brew, HIJ has learned.

Residences of Hai Mauna next to Custom Market woke up to  the sad news about the death of eight people after they consumed new brand of “siko” an illicit brew in South Sudan.

“The new brand of the illicit brew is hotter than the normal siko, it’s alleged that they put used baby’s pampers, Sanitary pads especially Always and slippers are burned made into a powerder and brew with the Siko”, a man who lost his sight to the drink explain to the media.

The economic crisis in the country has forced people to change theirs taste of drinks and have resorted to cheap locally brewed illicit drinks.

A 500ml bottle of “Siko,” which is distilled locally from dates and yeast, goes for 10 South Sudanese pounds, but a half-liter bottle of “Siko” can gets you high as fuck in minutes.

“Many people have resort to drinking the illicit brews because they are cheap and gets you wasted at the quickest time possible”, said a Joseph a “siko” addict.

The police have arrested the woman who was selling the brew and she is at police custody.