The central equatorial state has given illegal land occupants in Bilinyang Garbo, Juba county, 24 hours to vacate the area.

The state office released a statement calling on the land owners to use the rightful legal procedures of owning the land after the governor and his delegation visited the area earlier today.

“Following the Governor’s visit to the Bilinyang Payam of Juba County and his accompanying delegation today, the state government has ordered the illegal land occupants in Bilinyang Garbo area to immediately vacate the area in question within 24-hours and follow the rightful procedures of owning a land as enshrined in the constitution,” read a statement released the acting secretary-general of the state, Francis Luwala.

The statement further called on the area residents to protect the image of the army and the nation at large by avoiding issues of land grabbing and uphold their code of conduct as stipulated in the SPLA act.

Francis Luwala further warned that drastic measure will be taken to the illegal occupants who will resist the directive