The Inspector General of Police has blamed night shootings on criminals and drunken policemen.

Members of the public, especially residents of Munuki, Gudele, and Nyakuron have often expressed concerns over the shootings.

Yesterday, residents of Joppa area also told Eye Radio that they are being attacked, beaten and robbed of their valuables at gunpoint by men in uniform almost every night.

The latest attacks resulted in killing of a young woman at the area.

Addressing the media this afternoon, First Lieutenant Said Chawul said sometimes the night shooting it’s a result of negligence from police personnel.

“When you hear sound of gunshots, that means there is a drunken policeman on duty and he just fires his gun,” he stated.

“Or perhaps these are some policemen chasing armed criminals and they exchange fire.”
However, Lt. Chawul could not say what his office would do about the “drunken” police.

Speaking at the same press conference, the Commander of Ground forces said the government is making efforts to unify the uniform of all units in police and army.

Lt. Gen. Marial Chanuong says this will help them arrest the criminals who are attack people at night using military or police uniform.

Source: Eye Radio