Arabi Juba Flow rapper, One Pound who is currently embroiled in an online beef and exchange of words with Money Maniac over the award has responded to his nemesis.

The rapper who was called “jealous bitch” has said Money Maniac is a copycat who only copies lyrics from western rappers like Desiigner and turns them into Dinka rap to disguise his lack of creativity. Their beef was ignited by an award of best rapper which was given to Money Maniac early this month.

One Pound argued that he won the award by a big margin of online votes but the organizers favored Maniac. This came after the organizers’ voting system was allegedly hacked and showed the results were in favor of One Pound.

Maniac responded to One Pound’s claims saying he was just a jealous bitch and that didn’t go down well with One Pound who again responded and the exchange of words began.