January can be a tough month that many don’t like to approach. It’s hard to survive especially if you aren’t good at managing your savings.

Well, below are some tips on how to survive in January.

  • Don’t take unnecessary loans

Shylocks are always ready to give loans because they know the interests during this month are always high. Taking loans just to fit in a certain class or for meaningless projects is the worst idea one can ever think of. You’ll end up starting your year on a bad note full of debts.

  • Avoid travelling a lot

If you want to enjoy your enjoy January without borrowing money left, right and center, avoid travelling unless it’s work-related. Despite that most holiday destinations offer cheaper deals in January, be wise.

  • Walk when you can

It would be better if one walks instead of taking taxis which are a bit expensive especially if you’re not going very far. If you, can walk because it is also healthy and save cash.

  • Don’t eat out

Avoid eating out and cook at home. It helps one save a lot.

  • Carry food to work

It’s easier and affordable to carry food from home to work rather than buying, which is costly. You can save more than SSP 500 per day if you decide to carry food from home.

  • Live within your means

Don’t get into debts or misuse your savings trying to please people. Live within your budget and January will be a smooth one for you.

  • Cut down or avoid partying completely

This will help you save a lot and even stay healthy for not taking alcohol for a month. Your liver will celebrate for once.

  • Cost-share shopping

You can contribute money with two or three friends and buy shopping at wholesale prices. This will help you save cash which you ‘ll use to cater to other bills.

  • Pay school fees in instalments

To avoid being super broke, pay part of the school fees at the start of January and pay the rest once the tough month is over.

  • Don’t be a spendthrift

In case you were lucky to get a voucher form your employer during Christmas this is the time to use it. Go shop for basic needs that will last you for s whole month.