Juba is a city where you can easily go into depression if you don’t have a job, and surviving without one is a puzzle to many.

It’s for that reason that you need to devise tactics to survive.

Here are some tactics that you can employ in order to survive in this ‘not so friendly’ city:

  1. Make use of your hobbies

Discovering and making use of your hobbies can bring you a good flow of money more than a 9-5 job.

For instance, if you’re good at cooking, braiding, painting, writing, dancing etc., you can turn that into a money making venture and not just for fun.

2.Rent a cheaper house

Since you have a limited financial output, you don’t have that much of choice.

Rent a tukul in an Gudele or Sherkat, basically rent in place whose rent you can afford.

Don’t go for a house that’s beyond your means when it comes to paying rent.

For instance, don’t go for a SSP 20,000 bedsitter in Hai Jalaba, instead opt for a SSP 2000 one in Gudele or Sherkat.

You can do so once you secure a job or a steady source of income.

Alternatively, move in with a friend and cost share the expenses.

3.Control your food expenses

Whether unemployed or not, you need to eat to survive.

Ditch expensive foods at high end hotels like Pyramid and opt for “Chapats” joints.

Also, make a habit of cooking at home. Avoid restaurants and other fancy food joints for now.


Networking is the mother of opportunities.

Don’t just lock yourself in 24/7. Go for networking events, especially the free ones.

You never know, your future employer might just be waiting for you there.