We have all met a gold-digger. That girl at the office who bluntly states she is too hot to date a broke man or the girl who drives the Mark II, but does not have a day job.

Yet somehow, men do not read the early signs and only know a girl’s true nature when their accounts bottom out.

Here are five ways to spot a gold-digger in Juba.

1) She is out of your league

No offence, but if you are a short, fat, balding man with a tall, hot, slender, exotic-looking woman on your arm, chances are high that the woman would rather make love to your wallet than to you.

Scientifically, members of the opposite sex are attracted to equally attractive people. You don’t believe me? Google it.
2) Expensive gifts over sentiment

If your girl would prefer diamond earrings over poetic prose, you are dating a money-hungry woman. Darlings, any woman who chooses rocks over heartfelt romance is cold.

3) She is status-obsessed

When you meet a girl who worries about the car you drive, where you live, how many houses you own, what position you hold at work, whether you own a company etcetera, etcetera, you can be sure that she is after your bank account.

She is the type of girl who makes a big deal out of where you took her out for a drink.

She would prefer that the holidays is spent in Dubai or Kampala and not in Juba.

4) She has an air of entitlement

She will not raise her diamond laden fingers to do any hard work, and believes that she must be rewarded for anything that takes her out of the ‘comfort zone’.

She believes that a lunch date must come with gifts or ‘money for the road.’

She believes that the man must pay for her bills including hair, makeup, rent etc. She will ask you to fuel her car if she has to meet you somewhere.

5) Financial questions

If the girl asks you how much you make per month or per year, you my friend, should run.

Nobody asks intimate financial details on date one. This is a person who has already visualised you as her own walking ATM.

She will want to acquire as much as she can when the going is good. Shoes, bags, dresses, jewelry…anything that she can get out of you.

Well gents, there you have it. Remember, a woman takes care of her business while the girl expects you to pick up after her.

The woman might not be as hot as the girl, but then again, you would rather have a capable woman, than a girl whose resume is her looks.