Reports about a new deadly virus identified as coronavirus made headlines on Friday after 41 people were confirmed dead with 1,287 cases reported in China. 

It is a new virus that’s not only highly contagious but can affect anyone in the globe.

Coronavirus is a group of viruses that cause a number of infections including common cold, severe acute respiratory syndrome and middle east respiratory syndrome, reports the World Health Organization. 

The signs and symptoms may include fever, headaches, breathing problems, shortness of breath and cough. 

The virus spreads fast and  it is, therefore, important that Junubins get to know and acquaint themselves with the possible measures they can take to prevent the virus. 

Here are the ways; 

 1. Wash your hands with a soap 

The virus is transmitted through touching contaminated surfaces or objects . Be sure to clean your hands after coming into contact with such surfaces before placing your hands on your mouth or touching your nose or eyes. This is a way of preventing the virus from gaining entry into your body system. In other words, avoid touching your nose, eyes and mouth with uncleaned hands.

 2. Avoid close contact with affected people. 

If there is any of your family member that you suspect has the disease, isolate them  until they get special treatment. 

3. Disinfecting and cleaning the surfaces you frequently come into contact with. 

Ensure the sinks, bathrooms and toilet walls are clean to avoid the virus.