The Mayor of Juba City Council has closed down some of the big hotels in Juba town, including Tulip Inn due to poor hygiene.

The hotels are said to have poor sewage system that leaves waste material to flow openly.

This was discovered on Monday during the launch of a Keep Juba Clean: Keep Juba Green campaign.

“Our investors who claim to be investors in Juba are not doing the right thing. Instead of saving and giving us social responsibilities, they are behind the suffering of our people, like what is happening today,” said Stephen Wani, the Mayor of Juba.

“This is not the first time. Not only that you just go around these hotels along the river, they are doing the same and they are polluting the river.”

Though he had done the right thing, Mr Wani said, he expects the elites to question his action:

“Sometimes if you take action like what I have taken, some people somewhere will come and defend them.”

Meanwhile, the deputy mayor of Juba, Nhial Majak Nhial, said those condemn the closure “are actually killers.”

“If someone has the guts to call us later and say that City Council have done something wrong by closing a place in Juba that operate with this filthy water, this water later will go to streets of Juba,” he said.

Mr Majak added that those “who protect the operators that actually devalue and degrade our humanity, this is more than abuse”.

Source: Eye Radio