The management of a Palm Hotel in Juba has threatened to kick out over 30 members of the National Pre-Transitional Committee over unpaid bills of nearly $2 million.

The committee was dissolved in March by but the former members have continued to stay in the hotel.

The membership of the committee included members of all parties to the Revitalized Agreement agreement.

In a letter dated 21 April 2020 addressed to the Chairperson of the NPTC Tut Gatluak, the management of Palm Africa Hotel states that it is demanding the NPTC $1,999,580 for accommodating 38 NPTC staff for twelve months.

The management also said that they have been considerate and patient enduring the financial hardships internally without causing inconveniences to the guest with the hope that the outstanding bills would be timely paid but with no avail.

“We regret to inform you that the hotel is unable to sustain the entire 38 guests now, therefore we request the 32 guests reallocated to another destination by 30 April 2020,” writes the management.

“We can only be able to accommodate 6 rooms due to their critical duties in the government.”

The NPTC is tasked with drawing a road-map, including preparing a budget for the pre-transitional period.

In November 2019, the body revealed that the government had allocated about $40 million.

It also received millions from foreign governments, including Japan and western nations.