Rapper-turned-politician Mijok Lang aka Hot Dogg has publicly lashed out at the national assembly for extending the government’s term of office for 3 more years without elections. Hot Dogg was hoping there would be elections so that he is elected an MP and help shape the ccounty’s political landscape.

The youthful politician who recently formed a political party blamed SPLM for crisis in the country. He urged the youth to abandon SPLM and support or join his political party “the People Liberal Party” which he said has a vision to better lives of all South Sudanese people.

Read below Hot Dogg’s political statement posted on Facebook:

“This is why People Liberal Party called for referendum last weekend inorder for a people of this country to make their choice of who they want either Salva Kiir or Riak Machar….but who the hell are this MPs to extend the leadership of the president for 3yrs without those who elected him?..pathetic and disappointing…”

If you didn’t know, the MPs this week extended the term of parliament and president Kiir’s government for 3 good years without elections because of the difficulties to hold elections due to war in the country. The first general elections of independent South Sudan were scheduled for June 2015.