Rapper turned-politician Mijok Lang aka Hot Dogg who in recent months appeared to have been quiet on issues related to the management of the affairs of the country is back breathing fire. The saggy pants wearing rapper and politician is not happy with how the city of Juba and the county in general has been depending on generators for electricity since independence.

The rap artist as usual took to his Facebook as usual recently to vent his frustration over the issue. In series of short and on point Facebook rants, the rapper said:

“There is no country in the world that has ever developed through use of generators. Greedy politicians. Ethiopian water tankers making millions of pounds selling citizens their own water from river Nile.”

And in another post he said:

“I thinks Juba, South Sudan is the most expensive city in the whole world. While our government is quiet not doing anything the citizens are being robbed by foreign investors now an apartment rent goes for $4000 dollars a month and one night in a hotel that is using generator/solar systems $500 dollars. Lord have mercy.”