After an online tirade for the better part of last two weeks, the rapper turned-politician Mijok Lang aka Hot Dogg now says he is having nightmares in his sleep.

On Monday and Tuesday last the young politician took to social media again to reveal that he had a nightmare. He said in a nightmare, another fight broke out in Juba and a lot of people were killed.

“Last night I dreamt of another war in Juba, dead bodies everywhere. Your prayers pliz… (sic),” he said on social media.

In another social media post, Mijok said a fight broke out and the “UN took over the country”.

“Same dreamt (sic) again last night but United Nations Mission in South Sudan took over the country. I was taken to what they called VIP room were I could see only two politicians Pagan Amum and Dr Lam Akol. What could be the message here forks?” He posted.

Mijok who lived in Canada before he relocating back into the country in 2012 said his nightmares “come true sometimes”.

The musician last week went on a week long rant on social media bashing politicians he blamed for the turmoil in the county including Jieng Council of Elders who he called “destructive projects who are destroying the country yapping about Dinka vs Nuer”.

The rapper says his nightmares and dreams always come true suggesting that what he dreamt about could come true in near future. He called on South Sudanese citizens to pray to God to prevent such bad things from happening.