Hiphop singer Majok Lang better known by his stage name Hot Dogg and family of his girlfriend have formed a political party, Hot in Juba was told.

Hot Dog on his Facebook page has talked about the new party launched and challenged the youth to abandon other political parties with no vision and join his new party. No further details about the structure of the party was revealed but our source says he is appointed as the party’s deputy president.

No words on how party was formed and objectives or structure or who is president but the rapper has mentioned that he met with officials from Canada and US embassy regarding the party. He plans to meet Obama and Canadian PM.

The party will be called ‘People’s Liberal Party’ and in short PLP.

Will he drop music for his new found career? Well that remains the question to be answered by ‘kelif el sukun’ in other words Hot Dog!

Another question is, will Hot Dog penetrate this highly ‘SPLMed’ South Sudan’s political arena?