Recently BBC interviewed South Sudanese musician Emmanuel Jal.

The snippet of the interview shared on social media covered Emmanuel Jal’s childhood when he was a child soldier under SPLA/M.

During the interview, Jal alleged that he survived on eating snails in the 80s, claim that left many South Sudanese wondering if Jal lying to the press.

He has been accused in the past of lying to press to get attention and sympathy, claim we couldn’t verify.

The video shared on Youtube by BBC captioned: “’I was eating snails to survive’: Emmanuel Jal, Former Child Soldier – BBC What’s New?.”

In a post shared on social media, Renown Journalist and a former child soldier questioned the credibility of Jal claims.

“Brother Emanuel Jal need to pay attention to how speak. I never heard of any Nilotic eating snails or even eating human flesh. Can anyone from Pinyodu verify this story. At which taskforce or group did Jal ate the human meat? I was a child soldier too and I never heard this strange story of Jecamer eating another human. Nuer can’t eat Marialnyang leave alone snails. Guys from Pinyodo, are these strange stories from your camps?

Funny South Sudanese on twitter have also weighed in on Jal’s claim and they have now come out with #EmmanuelJalChallenge