Valentines is a few days away and already these junubin men are claiming a headache.

Women love valentines. They love it when their men go all out planning romantic dinners for them and surprising them with gifts and flowers. They get to be treated special on that day. But men, on the other hand, find valentines to be stressful since it seems they have to spend a lot of money to impress their girls and make sure that the next guy doesn’t make them look bad when he treats his girlfriend.

1.I asked my friends what excuses they might use to get out of valentines. Here are some of the reasons men would use as excuses to get out of valentines.

2.You know I don’t need a specific day to remind me how special you are..

3.Yasallam!. Valentines was today. Don’t worry I will get you something next year.

4.Ya bae!..U know these days in Juba u can’t buy an expensive gift or even a gift. Somebody will rob it from u

5.I can’t take you out for dinner you know the heavy security check on the roads by Rambo looking SPLA soldiers.

6.I don’t believe in valentines. It is a greek-roman pagan practice and not applicable to my African culture.

7.Flowers and cocoa trees are not our cash crop as a proud Junubi. I only buy Junubi made products.

8.Let’s keep it simple babe. You know I love you. You cannot measure our love in terms of expensive gifts.

9.You are more beautiful than anything I could get you.

10.It is a day to exploit men made up by the greeting cards industry, flowers, and chocolate company. Don’t fall for it.

11.Because of ongoing economic crisis, we will not be celebrating this year’s valentines.

Guys don’t be scared to spend your money or time to make your girl feel special or show that girl you are crushing on her. Here are a few ways to make her happy this valentine.