Juba social club, Juba Hiking, and Biking Group celebrated World Environment Day in style this morning.

The group made up of roughly 20 people took to Jubel Kujur early Saturday morning to celebrate the day by cleaning and planting trees at the most visited site in Juba.

“Celebrations of these days come with a promise to save the environment and the world. Do not pollute water, land, air, and environment because once it is lost, it is lost forever….. Sending warm wishes on #WorldEnvironmentDay with a promise to take care of our planet,” the group social media handle reads.

Maal Maker Thoing, a senior photojournalist at the presidency and a member of the club pleads to hikers to take care of the mountains and not liter as it affects the environment.

“Our environment is our responsibility,” Maal briefed advised the hikers.

Jebel Kujur has recently become a popular spot for Juba hikers who frequent the place to stay fit and connect with nature.

Jebel Kujur commonly referred to by its Arabic name is the hill situated west of Juba and it is the nearest of the hills in the vicinity of Juba city. Jebel is Arabic for mountain while ‘Kujur’ is a Juba Arabic word that loosely translates to witchcraft. It’s not clear how the hill got its name.