South Sudan’s only reality TV show Talent Search was canceled by the main sponsor Vivacell according to our sources at the telecommunications company.

Our sources say Vivacell arrived at the decision to discontinue the show over mismanagement. The company blames SOSA Awards founder Tripple X for the discontinuation. We are told Triple X whose real name is Bol Sultan has diverted funded for the programme to his new business venture, Club 64 which is due to be launched today.

The annual reality TV show was started 4 years ago by Lam Tungwar and his organisation South Sudan Artists Association with support from Vivacell. Tripple X a close business associate of Lam was left at the helm of Talent Search when Lam was appointed as youth minister in Unty State.

We reached out to Tripple X for a comment on the matter but our efforts were not fruitful after his calls when unanswered.