Has South Sudan Turned into a Vagina Republic?Yesterday, a known character in the media fraternity was picked up by the orders of certain awatyol, Jamila Adaw on the accusation that she was defamed by a little boy from Warrap called ‪#‎Mariak‬ Majok Adiang who she accused to be the one operating under the pen name of John Masura of the Hot In Juba, an organisation I am a contributor in.

This is not only outrageous, but stupid. Where on earth would the accuse be jailed for the social media’s fuzz? Even the dictators overthrown by the facebook politicians in Egypt, Tunisia and elsewhere did not use their police to clampdown and defeat the social media activists.

How on earth would Adaw Jamila think she can get away with the crime using her vagina’s bribed police? Please, release Mariak Bol Adiang and take Facebook to court if your pussy would give you that chance. I must appeal to my boys in the police to discard this case and led-free Mariak Bol Adiang.

Let Adaw Ugly use legal means to pin down her accused but not using her clients in the Interior Military to arrest boys who she does not have any legal ground to begin with.