Gunmen attacked a church compound in Jonglei state and killed 14 women who were seeking sanctuary in the place of worship.

A total of twenty-three people were killed and more than 20 others injured in Monday’s attack on the Episcopal Church and nearby homesteads in Makol Chuei boma.

Gunmen descended on Makol Chuei Boma on Monday, and opened fire on the compound of the Episcopal Church of Athooch Diocese, killing the dean and worshippers, including 14 women, who were seeking sanctuary in the church.
Four children are missing, and 20 people were injured.
The attackers vandalized the inside of the church and set fire to the papyrus fence and grass-thatched houses within and outside the church compound, in the latest in a series of inter-communal clashes in the Greater Jonglei area.
The Bishop of Athooch Diocese, Moses Anur Ayom regrets the incident by the unknown attackers.