Ghetto Survivors’ headboy in Kampala, Twice B and his colleague Gudman Rebel recently found themselves in a trouble with community women based in Kampala over their song “INTI MARA ZOL” (You’re someone’s wife).

The song literally shot fire at married women who club with young boys and care less about the fact that they are married and having kids to babysit in the house.

The duo performed the song in organized show on South Sudan’s Independence Day in July and the audience loved it according to Twice B.

But things just didn’t end well that day with feelings carried by married who felt insulted or provoked during the show, drama later emerged cloudy in a Bahr el Ghazal community meeting in which everybody talked of how disappointed they were by the boys for having performed the song in their presence.

According the singers, unnamed lady called them and demanded they apologize for the performance or else their upcoming shows won’t have their support.  Twice B showed less concern and ignored the request and continued performing the song in all shows conducted.

Twice recently took to Facebook to explain how he “ain’t giving a f**k about the traditional threats” and that won’t stop or end his music career. He vowed never to apologize and would continue to release more.